Mango Stories

Manjulatha is a mango farmer in Chinagotti Gallu, a remote village in the Tirupathi district. The variety she grows, Banganapalli, is native to the region and is better known as Safeda in North India. It is the most sold variety in India and exported across the globe. Inspite of this, she was not getting a fair value for her yield.


Trapped in the vicious circle of natural and manmade problems Majunatha was receiving low value for her yield because of:

  • Poor knowledge of efficient way of harvesting.
  • Lack of proper packaging and loading plan.
Fruitfal Solution and Benefits:
  • With use of fruitfal’s disruptive technology based trading platform entire farmer community was able to get increased market value for their produce.
  • Fruitfal enabled a minimum increase of 60% in per unit market value of the product, thereby leading to a minimum increase in the overall earnings of INR 1L, on the harvest of 10 Tonnes of Mangoes.
  • Collection centers setup by Fruitfal made farmers aware of the efficient harvesting practices.
  • Fruitfal introduced and educated farmers well defined packaging plans based on grading system to standardize packaging.
  • Farmers got confirmed and timely payments.

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